Monday, 20 October 2014


Morning crafters

Today I'm sharing another achievement from my bucket list for this year. It's been one of those things I really wanted, but begrudged paying for one when I can make myself for 'next-to-nothing'.

Early last week after hubby had left for work, I had just tidied away some craft bits 'n' pieces from one of our strong Stampin' Up! delivery boxes.  Instead of putting the empty box in the recycling bin, I had one of those 'no time like the present' moments and by 9:30am had finished my new project with a photo taken ready to post on blog. 

It's my box Mum !!!!

Mum..... What have you done with my walls and roof ?

Covered with some very light foam packaging.
I lined with two A3 sheets of card but need A2 to prevent join.

Test photo with black background

Test photo with white background

I'm so pleased with the results ..... no fancy camera, just photos taken on my iPad.  Who would have thought recycling could produce such brilliant results ?   Big thanks to Julie for kindly picking up larger sheet of A2 size mount board when she came over Tuesday morning.  The black is actually an off-white on the reverse so only need to have one reversible sheet.  I think she was as excited to see the results it produced as I was, and will now be making one herself too :-)  I'm looking forward to seeing photos of her handmade jewellery items done in her light box :-) 

Now, I can't wait to photograph my projects, as they look so much more professional, with no distracting backgrounds ..... so pop back soon to see photos of projects, swaps & gifts from Stampin' Up! European Convention weekend in Brussels.  

Happy craftin'
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  1. I love your Light Box. I made mine with foam boar but just two sides, I may just have to save my next SU delivery box to replicate this (my boxes are usually used for new owners of the rabbits /a guinea pigs we sell. Nice to meet you ar Huntington last night too