Friday, 18 June 2010


Welcome back to another 'New In Colour' project that my Stampers 10 group made last night.
What could difficult about two squares of card cut in half and a bit of folding !!! Sorry girls, I thought it would be easier that it was. I did stress at the beginning of the evening, this project does rely on accurate measuring and accurate folding.
  1. Start with 2 pieces of Whisper White cardstock measuring 14x14cm.
  2. Cut each piece in half lengthwise so you have 4 pieces each 7x14cm.
  3. Score each piece in half down the centre lengthwise at 3.5cm and also in from each shorter end at 3.5cm.
  4. Lay pieces on your cutting mat as in the picture. Apply red sticky tape as shown, in each of the 4 outside corners, taping from fold to the outside edge only.
  5. Align both halves with tape closely together and, removing the tape from one section at a time, attach the other pieces crossways.
  6. Your base is now done. Take a bone folder and firmly crease each fold in all directions.

.Once assembled it was a simple cutting strips to cover each section and then decorate as you wish. It is really important to keep the folds clear.

  1. The folds should all be 3.5cm wide and the longer sections 3.5x7cm. I cut my DSP at 1mm smaller than the section itself.
  2. Cut strip of DSP at 3.4cm. Then cut squares at 3.4cm and longer pieces at 6.9cm. Fix DSP with tape runner. Working on one 'face' at a time makes it easier.
  3. Repeat for each of the other 'faces' using the photos below as a guide.

Once all covered, decorate with co-ordinating cardstock, stamps and matting and layering as you wish. It really is fun but if you are unsure, make a template using photocopier paper first to get the hang of it.

Have fun and persevere !!


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