Saturday, 5 June 2010

THE SHOW MUST GO ON ............

and it did .......
I had a slight mis-hap early this morning .... I fell down the stairs !! It was quite a tumble, landing heavily on my Coxix, sliding on my back down the stairs with carpet burns on top of leg, grabbing for bannister on the way down and wrenching my shoulder. I ache all over and it's so uncofmortable to sit down. I texted my friends to say I was on my way, moving very slowly, but all went ahead as planned and on time.
My Workshop today was another meeting in Stamford at AJ's craft shop with my lovely friends Alan & Jean who moved there last year from Bury St Edmunds, together with a host of regular customers I have got to know really well. (They really do need a bigger room for Workshops ....... how we squash 11 people in there, I still don't know). Everyone was on form and, despite being in discomfort from my mishap, they didn't take pity on me, so the friendly banter continued as always. Everyone had another lovely day, placed their orders and can't wait for the next one.
. .
Anyway, I have found out today that the waiting list I was on for an ILWS Demo bloghop scheduled for tomorrow, now has a space and I need to create 2 cards from the New In Colours and schedule publish of blog entry for 10am tomorrow !!! I have my work cut out as it's so last minute and with only 12 hours to go, but hey ........ it is my first blog hop so must give it a go. Good job I don't need much sleep !!
Please pop back tomorrow and follow all the links to get some fab ideas for the New Products. Don't forget to look at earlier entry on this blog for a special sample kit I am offering to customers.
See you tomorrow.

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