Sunday, 22 January 2012

A NEW TEAM MEMBER …... (or two ?)

I am pleased to welcome another new Stampin’ Up! team member, Laura. She is my most local team mate which makes sharing even easier, being only about 5 miles away.

Laura works with textiles, curtain-making etc and is looking forward to creating with our Stampin’ Up! materials. Having a young son, she is also looking forward to running day classes whilst he is at school.

As we sat planning her launch party, Lewis left watching the football with my husband (well Manchester United hadn’t started yet!! ) to join us in my craft room and, seeing my shoe-box for prize door forms, immediately wanted to make one himself when he got home.


Lewis' box

“Just like Sandra’s”

Here is the photo Laura sent which she has given permission for me to post here on my blog. Just look at that cheeky grin, he was so well behaved.

Happy craftin’



  1. Welcome aboard the stampin up express Laura..

    How did the class go last thursday Sandra

    jan xx

  2. Thats my boy... cant wait to embark on my Stampin' Up Journey :) x