Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Today is a very quick 'Tuesday Top Tip'.

I had to laugh this week when a couple of my customers shared that they have adopted one of funny habits :-)

When watching TV (especially the crafting channels) and you see something you like, pause the TV. Then go and grab your camera and take a photo of the TV screen. OK, not everyone has this facility - it works on Sky+. This way, whatever has caught your inspiration can be captured and used later when you are crafting.

I have even taken a photo of a blouse/top that a TV presenter was wearing because of the colour combination. This is not copyright, just colour inspiration. Of course, I take care not to include the person themselves and once the idea is used the photo can be deleted.

OK, so I am addicted to my crafting............ that's not such a bad thing.

Happy craftin'


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