Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Today's Top Tip has been suggested by my downline Emily who reminded me of something I do with my Big Shot machine, which you might be interested in.

I am using the Big Shot even more now that SU have introduced lots of Dies and Embossing folders.

Most of us know the BS cracks and groans as it passes through the machine and also leaves cuts in the plates. These are unsightly but accepted as being part of the machines functions.

Sometimes these cuts can actually embed into card when going through embossing folder if you have part of the card outside the embossing folder.

To stop this happening I invested in another set of plates and labelled with permanent marker pen "EMBOSSING FOLDERS ONLY" on each plate. This way, these plates are staying pristine and don't leave unsightly marks, leaving the scratched ones for cutting Dies. I have advised all my classes using the BS and they are respecting why I have done this and so far (!!!!!!) with no accidents.

I know of a couple of other demos who have now done the same and some customers who are also following my Top Tip already.

A small investment but I feel it is worth it.

Happy Craftin'


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