Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend

Ok, so an unusual post this evening.

We have had an elderly Aunt in hospital in Manchester for the last 3 weeks and whilst David has managed to visit several times, unfortunately this was my first weekend that I could visit too.

I'm pleased to say she is much improved to when she came in very very poorly. We are staying overnight having visited and run shopping errands and back at hospital tomorrow.

For those of you who know, David is a Machester United fan and we are sitting in the hotel bar with a score of 3-1 down. David (and many others) not a happy bunny !!!

Luckily I have brought the laptop with me so sitting here amongst the footy supporters playing online with free Wi-Fi :-)


On a sad note, we have a very good friend in the village who is a Harley Davidson bike rider. He had an unfortunate accident last weekend at Brandon Creek and is still in Addenbrookes Hospital. We heard very sad news Wednesday that he has lost the fight to save his leg. Our love and thoughts go to Steve and his partner Cristel during this difficult time.


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