Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hi !

Our local Broadlands Goldwing club raise lots of money for charities each year. This year their chosen charity voted at our AGM for 2014, is 'Scotties Little Soldiers'. 

We meet monthly at The Park Hotel and at our meeting Sunday, all those present applied our temporary tattoos to support their event today. 

With no cameras forthcoming, I offered to take on iPad and so managed to escape being in the photo !!  Unfortunately they needed as many tattoos as possible, so here is a selfie of my arm......

.... and a clearer one to see the tattoo. 

To find out more about work of Scotty's Little Soldiers charity, please follow this link

Many of us support charities close to our hearts. I much prefer to do little bits when I can, rather than supporting those standing in the street or supermarkets, trying to tap a captive audience.  This time no crafting involved but pleased to support a good cause. 

Happy fundraising folks, keep up the good work we all do. 
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