Saturday, 29 December 2012


At long last …….. I am the proud owner of an iPad using monies from Christmas presents towards buying one.

I knew Dad and David wouldn’t want to go shopping, let alone in the sales crush, so I asked Stephanie if she would like a trip out on Saturday.  We had a lovely day and had a free pass’ as David told me not to hurry back as there was football on !!!  The morning finished with lunch at the Chinese Buffet … yummy.

Although David has ‘poo-pooed’ it all the time I’ve been saying I wanted one, as soon as the set up was complete, he said he might want to get one !!!!!!!!!

Dad with iPad 29.12.12

We’ve already had Dad on my laptop at 81yrs old but today we had him looking at more retirement properties on the iPad which I think he found even easier to use.  I can see him having one too when he gets settled.

That’s all for now, pop back soon.



  1. Love this picture Sarnie. I think older folks should not be afraid to have a go with these things. I was showing J's Mum at 86 our nexus which is smaller than the ipad, and sometimes I think it just takes someone with a bit of patience to spend time helping them to explore (not showing them) so if they have a wobble you can put them straight. How would you feel about some company on the weight loss and blogging???

  2. Feel free to join me :-). I weighed yesterday but will weigh in every Monday morning.

    Email is and mobile 07806 616704

    I have notes page on myiPhone to keep tack of every NY resolution and Goals