Tuesday, 22 November 2011

EMILY & SANDRA - Paris Pre-Convention

Neither Emily or I have ever been to Paris so when Stampin' Up! announced their European Convention 2011 would be held at EuroDisney we booked a few extra days to explore a few sights of Paris.

Thanks to Tesco vouchers and Airmiles, we were able to enjoy 2 tickets to Paris via Eurostar and 3 nights in Paris FREE OF CHARGE. I recommend getting a Tesco Visa card as I put as much as I can through here, especially my Stampin' Up! orders. I never use the quarterly vouchers at face value in the store as they are worth much more converted into vouchers.

This is Emily on the first leg of the journey from Downham Market ...... recognise the crafty bits as we begin assembling my swaps.

Our 1st sightseeing day we took a bus tour of Paris, travelling as the only passengers on the top of a double decker bus, with fabulous views, taking in all the popular well known tourist attractions. Just by the Arc De Triomphe look what Emily spotted ......... 'Le French Monsieur Brown'. I wonder if there were any Stampin' Up! parcels in there ??

Next a trip up the Eifel Tower was an absolute 'must' for me. The views from the top were wonderful although a bit cloudy to one side. Once down at the bottom we realised we hadn't had lunch and at 4pm were getting quite peckish. Another absolute 'must' for Emily was a crepe and she recommended the banana and chocolate spread .... delicious. She didn't really eat two but I had to take the photo quickly so she didn't try !

Our 2nd day browsing at leisure, took us to a station on the Metro called 4th September. At the coffee shop enjoying a proper hot chocolate, Emily tried out her French to ask the lady next to us if she spoke English ........ Only Emily could ask an English lady whether she spoke English !! We all had a good giggle and she was flattered that her French was so convincing.

Emily had searched the Internet and discovered there was a craft shop called UltraMod (well truly mad crafters have to find crafting opportunities wherever we go, don't we !!). Well this was more like a haberdashery and was a very old fashioned shop cram packed with buttons, braids and ribbons etc in every nook and cranny. A wonderful shop ..... and they allowed us to take photos !!

Having made an unwise meal choice the previous evening, Emily was keen to have some good quality food and we certainly couldn't complain here at the Royal Opera. A wonderful Croque Monsieur with generous portion of french fries.

The evening brought the 2nd half of our tour, this time an evening cruise along the River. Our guide was very fluent in English and pointed out all the sites (so much better than the taped recording on the bus yesterday)

The Eifel Tower at night

On arrival at EuroDisney and walking round village deciding on where to eat, we visited the many shops and of course the obligatory trying on of silly hats !!!

Well we had arrived and tomorrow Convention starts properly ... next post tomorrow.


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