Sunday, 9 October 2011


David and I have enjoyed a 'chill out' week on The Algarve, Portugal with sister-in-law and her hubby. We were extremely lucky with the weather too. Chatting to the taxi driver on our journey from the airport, he said they had the same heat wave experienced in the UK at the end of September, with the Vilamoura having their usual July and August temperatures.

Vilamoura Marina

We have been to Villamoura a few times now but this was our first time in a self-catering apartment. Mandy and Glyn were in the one below. This gave us more freedom and there was still a pool adjacent if we wanted to use, although with lovely beaches and warm water both sides of the Marina, we didn't bother.

David and I managed to fit in a couple of excursions to see the sights inland.

We also managed a couple of visits to my favourite Thai restaurant, sitting outside on the veranda. This is simply the best Thai food anywhere !!

David, Glyn, Mandy, Sandra enjoying a cocktail @ bar on Marina

Rui's bar is a small bar just off the Marina where Brits tend to hang out. The resident singer is a Scouser and we think he has been there for some 15years !! When he sang The Hole of the Moon by The Waterboys, we were all reminded of the Interpretive Dance artist 'David Armand' and impulse made us do all his interpretive movements !! Yes, OK so we had had a few drinks. For those of you who haven't seen or heard of him, I highly recommend Googling his name and looking at the many You Tube links. He is so talented and has so much energy. For an even greater laugh, play the clips to your friends / family without the sound on and see if they can guess what the record is.

David chatting to Manager of the Champagne bar

Mandy has a bit of a passion for Champagne, so we had to visit the Champagne bar a couple of times.

This is one of those holidays we choose to just chill out although I did take the laptop and fit in some craft planning ......... well it was a really bad time to go away on the day the New Ideas Book and Catalogue launched !!! Well that's what you get travelling with and fitting round other people.

A lovely relaxing break and now back to the grindstone.


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