Monday, 14 February 2011


Well I was chuffed to have had a visit from the lovely Peg who I met through Stampin Up training events. She left me this award at the weekend and I've had fun reading everyones 8 random facts. .

Well here are my random facts :-.

  1. I think, live and breathe CRAFTING and love every minute of it. When hubby puts TV onto the sport channel or boring documentaries, I am more than happy to go upstairs to my craft room. I enjoy getting inspiration from everyday moments in life. (Yes Grace, I am currently re-creating the decoration on your jumper from Saturday, LOL). Creating and sharing with my lovely class ladies (and gent) is a great way to spend an evening or Saturday.

  2. I am a GRADE VIII musician . I play Clarinet and Saxophone and whilst I do not play regularly any more (choosing to let craft take up more time), I still enjoy playing for amateur dramatic productions in Bury St Edmunds Theatre Royal and will be playing in the pit for 'Crazy For You' from 21st-26th March.

  3. DAVID & I have both been married before and both used to play in RAF Honington and RAF Wyton Voluntary Band. He claims he only went out with me because Wyton needed another Clarinet player !!!! We kept our wedding secret at Cambridgshire Registry office and as, we got married a week before my birthday, we planned a birthday BBQ at home with 70 of our family and friends. It was lovely to see their faces as the penny gradually dropped !!

  4. I ride a HONDA GOLDWING 1800 TRIKE - well some of you will have noticed the picture on my Blog, but that is David driving. My first solo trip was last year whilst down in Cornwall for the Goldwing Treffen and I took off on my own to visit fellow demonstrator Abi for a few hours 'crafting fix'. Who would have thought that a motorbike would have a towbar .... yes, we tow a trailer making the outfit much bigger than a car. I also am now a seasoned camper ........ Cornwall in the wet, with broken tent zip, that was fun !!!!! We've bought a new one now.

  5. Sad I know but I check the Premium Bond website every 3rd working day of the month (or thereabouts) just to see if uncle E.R.N.I.E. has been kind to me this month. I would really like to pay off the mortgage so I can go part time and craft more ......... I keep dreaming !!

  6. I worked for Barclays Bank PLC for just under 25yrs before being made redundant in 2004. I now work for Priory Group, working in a school for children with challenging behaviours, still doing finance and budgets etc. My work life balance has been totally restored, working just 1 mile from home is simply wonderful.

  7. I have an adopted MUM ........... well unofficially. Pat worked for me in my team at Barclays Bank PLC and became a very close and dear friend and agony aunt, seeing me through many of lives troubles including divorce, moving house etc. She is also a talented crafter and we love spending time together whenever I have a day off work. I adopted her as my 'Mum' many years ago.

  8. I have a TWIN .......... well unofficially too. My latest downline Emily is so like me it is uncanny. There are so many things we do, think and share that are the same, I think we must be twins. (In real life I have one sister who is a Detective Sergeant for Norfolk Constabulary).

I would like to pass this lovely award on to the following :-

Sorry but I've added a bonus honary award to Emily at - As a new demo she has only just started her blog but, not being a PC whizz, I am proud that she has mastered posting a photo and entry on her own. Keep an eye on more exciting things happening on here in the future.

Well I've had fun creatin this post and hope you enjoyed reading.

Take care and happy crafting. I'm waiting some more crafting goodies to arrive which I cannot wait to try out.



  1. thank you i appreciate you thought toward me and my blog :) have a lovely day... Valita

  2. Thank you for my honarary award..... It's great having a crafting twin and think we may add a triplet to the mix when Debs is a demo x

  3. Thanks x by the every little bit set would be a brilliant choice, I love it anyway, enjoy Coventry and speak soon! x

  4. Hi bbz hows u I havent had any paper work yet to sign up for Thetford 10 u were going to send it to me is it woo late now please let me know
    jan whitby