Monday, 19 July 2010

LET LOSE .... AT LAST .........

Here is one slightly sun-burnt and sun-stricken crafter (despite the sun tan lotion being sprayed liberally) !!!
David and I have just spent the weekend camped out at Weeting Steam Rally with the Broadlands East Anglia Region (B.E.A.R.s) Goldwing Motorcycle club showing off our Trike and trailer combo with our fellow club members. It was a lovely weekend and despite a few short showers on Saturday, the weather was great. Saturday evening we held the usual 'Mad bikers tea party', well BBQ, but the line up looked more like a scene from Alice in Wonderland.
We had 6 sessions to show off the bikes and David allowed me to do the main arena, once with him on the back and then with a friend from the club. Amy kept shouting "girl power" as I was the only female rider in the ring !!! However, with David on the side lines, it did mean I got the first piccie of me riding the mean machine. He wasn't too happy when they decided to do a proper 'display' with no practice or briefing and doing the criss-cross in the centre of the ring, alternating bikes crossing. I was also the only one towing the trailer round to show spectators how we travel in style with all the mod cons. Not bad for my first attempt at towing ever ..... car or bike !!


Weekend over and camping gear packed down, David offered to drive my car home and let me take the Trike and trailer. OK so it was only 4 miles, but as we are going to Cornwall for the British Treffen soon, I needed to practice towing the trailer on the road.

Catch up again soon with some more crafting banter.


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