Sunday, 6 May 2012


One of my Thetford Stampers 10 members, Judy, asked about delivery of her order as she had no forthcoming appointments in my area to be able to collect as usual.  She wondered if I was going to be visiting the Norwich area anytime soon, or perhaps going to the Chinese buffet that my hubby and I like.

Well, what else was I supposed to do, in the interests of maintaining good Customer Service of course, but to oblige and rustle up a car full of fellow crafters to meet her for a Chinese buffet.  After all, hubby was away for the weekend and everything was ready for the following days class !! We had a really enjoyable evening, so many funny tales, I think our squeals of laughter were perhaps a bit too noisy at times for the other diners, so apologies to them, but we did have lots of fun !!

Two of the funniest moments were tales of Judy’s parrot Elvis, that kept us amused for some time, and who, at 16yrs old had escaped out of an open door and after returning a while later had later laid an egg, realising Elvis was in fact a ‘she’.  Elvis is now 23yrs old.


Then there was Alison’s tale of her forthcoming house move, downsizing but having been to auction that day and buying several items of furniture at very good prices, had not thought about how she was getting them home !!  Luckily her friend has a van and he is collecting some time this week, hopefully some being delivered to her craft room at the new house to save moving them twice.

Thank you all for an excellent evening, one I feel must be repeated again.




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