Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I was looking through my archives to send a handmade card to a fellow crafter and thought you might appreciate this.
If crafting is a petty crime,
then I will soon be doing time.
If crafting is against the law,
then I'll do time for ever more.
I sit and craft from morn 'til night,
my husband does despair,
but armed with heat gun, ink pads too,
I really just don't care.
The more I see, the more I want,
I cannot see an end,
to sticky pads and funky foam,
I have to spend, spend, spend.
I made a candle, just last week,
it turned out quite a mess,
I think I'll stick to making cards,
'coz that's what I do best !
(Adapted from Karla's, found online)
Don't forget, if you are copying anything someone else has created, it is common courtesy to give credit to the person you copied from, no matter whether it is a verse or card design etc.
Unfortunately not everyone is this honest !

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